Adam O'Grady


GitLab, Backup Musings And DNS

Tue, May 27, 2014 | 400 Words

So there’s been a few days worth of space since my last update here and that time has been mercifully filled with catching up on sleep, watching TV and backing up my FreeNAS old file server (finally, it is complete!). I’ve installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 x64 on to one of the drives and proceeded to install GitLab on top of that. It’s an open source collaborative software development suite that I’ve been interested in starting up to store the various projects that I don’t want to put on my GitHub account because I don’t consider them mature enough, or they’re private or I’m just being neurotic about it.

Installing Blogging Platforms

Sat, May 24, 2014 | 400 Words

So how has everything been running so far? While distracted by sub-par pizza I’ve managed to get some work done in the past 48 hours. Starting with developing ideas of how I want my systems to exist, I’ve reformatted the AMD E-350 + 60GB SSD server to Ubuntu server 14.04 x64 and loaded some basic tools (including Bind9 and nginx). I’ve also done a lot in terms of backing up the FreeNAS file server; a task upon itself.

My First Post

Fri, May 23, 2014 | 400 Words

“Your post text starts here.” The immortal words that echo a new platform. I’m starting this blog, likely temporarily and mostly because I wanted to explore alternative options in the blogging and CMS sphere; straying from Tumblr and even flirting with PHP in this case. What brought me to Dropplets? Mania-induced lack of sleep and the fine tutorials (project ideas) and great prices (deal cement) of Digital Ocean (my referrer link).
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